February 11th, 2005

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Hi guys,

I'm a second year English Lit & Creative Writing student at the University of East Anglia, and occasionally write for the Arts section of our student newspaper, Concrete. I tried a Mooncup for the first time last week, and thought it was amazing. So, I figured I should use what is available to me and try and spread the word... So I can write well, and I have already written for the newspaper... I thought I'd do an article about menstrual cups!

I wrote about 800 words and sent it to the Lifestyle editor as a sample. I was fairly dubious about how happy they would be printing fairly graphic stuff in the paper. This is some of what she wrote back:


I love the article - I think we should have it as a full page lifestyle article - this would mean it wouldn't go in until next issue if that's Ok? But this will also give you more time to write the article. It is wicked, had me chuckling and I think it will go down well and it is the kind of thing I wanted to do with the Lifestyle section, breakdown taboos etc.

So there we go. Opportunity to shout from the rooftops... of our uni campus, anyway.

The editor particularly wants some kind of quote from a doctor about menstrual cups - does anyone have a gynaecologist who advocates their use, who I could write to? I've got a couple of weeks to get this material together. Also, does anybody know of any informative site on the web (other than menstrual cup manufacturers which unfortunately are going to have a bias) that tells you about the various problems with tampons, eg not just TSS but fibre deposits, and dioxin from bleaching? Also, does anyone know of a good site to go to for statistics - eg how many tampons / sanitary towels are thrown away per day by women in the UK? I can't find ANYTHING other than what is on the menstrual cup sites. Any statistics you can think of really, as I neeeeeed stats to back up my article.

Come on girls, please help me out - this is a real opportunity of the kind I'm less likely to get once I've graduated, where feature journalism becomes more about pleasing people than knocking the wind out of them...
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my first day..

i used yesterday and the day before as dry runs using instead and learning how to use it since i had picked up a box two weeks ago when i was out with my dad (that was when i was having whatever's going around sacramento, which happens to be RSV, joy!). i knew my period was coming pretty soon because i was feeling funky and was having an acne attack (icky). . .

so yesterday, after finally telling myself to just do it. . . i finally got the Instead insterted, didn't feel a thing! i practiced a couple more times before happily calling my mom (who had used it years ago) to tell her, i was all proud of myself.

last night i felt funny still, figured that my period would come in the next two or three days. woke up this morning, started moving around and went to take a shower a bit later and surprise! my period came. so i told myself to get out an Instead and use it ... no problems at all! i'm feeling comfortable besides some cramping (midol and a heat patch seem to be helping so far!).

i've got a pad on just in case i leak, i'm gonna check in a couple hours to see if i need to empty it.

so far my Keeper hasn't arrived yet, but that;s okay! i'm happy with Instead so far, i'm gonna get another box to take with me to my mom's this week. i just wanted to share!

i love you all!

ps -- this is cross posted! =)

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I got my divacup like a month ago and I have tried numerous times to get it in. I have not been successful yet and am starting to get really frustrated. Just started my period today and tried again with partial success. I can usually get most of it in except for the last 1/2 inch of cup + stem. I really, really want to start using the divacup but it never goes in :(

Please give me tips as to what helped you get it in for the first time. I know the usuals... lube/hot water/etc and the memories say "error" right now. :( Help please?
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Putting posts in the Memories section

Since this is a very fast-moving community and a lot of posts are asking the same questions, I'm afraid I don't have time to read every one, and I believe kellybellynet doesn't either. So if anyone wants to nominate a post for the Memories section, could you put up a separate post requesting this, referencing the post by date and title? Thanks.

By the way, if you're wondering why the Memories section is currently disabled, apparently it's happening all over LJ. According to the Help section, "Memories are temporarily disabled due to high database load. This is a temporary workaround and memories will be available again as soon as possible."