February 10th, 2005

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I just had to share this with someone!

I'm just finishing my second period (first was in August) in which I've depended solely on my Keeper. I love not having to wash cloth pads! All I've had to wash this time was a few pairs of underwear. It's so much easier to just wash a rubber surface. I had less irritation this time than I've had the past few months. I'm noticing that the feeling of blood running down my vaginal walls has become irritating and annoying to me, and there was not much of that this month. Agh, I'm so pleased with it! :)
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Mooncup stickerage

Does anyone have any cunning ideas for mooncup sticker placement? They sent me a couple with my cup, and as all the toilet stalls at my uni are already bedecked (that's how I first heard about cups, actually...obviously it works), I want to put them somewhere else.

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I was going to dig through the memories, but memories are currently disabled, so I figured I'd just ask. I started my period last night, and I thought I'd try my diva for the first time. I wasn't goin very heavy, so I wasn't too concerned when I couldn't get it in. I didn't have a lot time this morning before work, but I tried again. I was bleeding a little bit, but not a lot more. I probably won't start heavy until tomorrow.

But my problem didn't seem to be amount of blood/lube. The rim seems to be pretty thick when I try to insert. It didn't seem so when I was just holding it! When I held it, and folded it, it seemed a little bit wider than a tampon, and I use those just fine, so I didn't think there would be any problems. But it seems so thick, and I get pretty painful when I try to insert it. I even tried lying down with my legs spread out all the way.

The one time I thought I had the rim in, which I had it partially in, but I didn't realize that at the time, and I tried to adjust the cup so I could push it in, it unfolded right then, and there was a little suction, and that's when I realized that it was only part way in. My big problem right now it getting it to stay folded. I remember, way back when, that people had various ways of folding their cups, and I was wondering if there would be a way that would be easier for me, so it would stay folded long enough for me to get it in, so it doesn't unfold halfway in. So any ideas?