February 9th, 2005


Diva arrived yesterday

I first knew about menstrual cups thanks to this community, a few days ago. I instantly liked the idea, went to divacup.com (didn't really look much around comparing, I didn't want latex, and read that diva is softer somewhere) and ordered mine. I was doubting between size 1 and 2, I'm 27 years old, never gave childbirth, but still took the 2. In the hurry (hm, yeah) I thought better a bit bigger than leakage. The difference is not so big anyway. Luckly it seems ok.

So I got it yesterday, just the first day of my period. I put it in at the second try, it took me less than 3 minutes, I was surprised. I felt nothing after a little while so I went to bed. In the morning I saw there has been no leaks. And I bleed a lot. Well at least I always thought so. The cup was full (15 ml) this morning. It seems that I bleed quite a bit yes, it wasn't even 12 hours. I put it back and now 12 hours have passed again, should go to check it I guess... No leaks during day either.

I'm so happy I found this, but damn I could have discovered before! maybe it was just the right time.
Thanks everybody! This is a great community.

Edit: it was full again, fuf.
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