February 8th, 2005

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The future of cups...

I'm not sure menstrual cups will ever become mainstream.  I wish.  I dream.  I hope.  But I just don't thnk that it'll happen.

The truth is, people love spending money to get "new" things.  We have the technology now that we could build bio diesal cars, the engines of which are much more durable than gasoline, the emissions of which are greatly reduced...it would solve a lot of problems. It'd be a bit more expensive to buy than a gas powered car, but it'd last a very long time.  You could just trade it in if you wanted a bigger one when you have a family, or whatever.  But it's really not all the fault of evil muhaha car companies or oil companies -- it's the fact that people don't want to pay more for a one or two -time fee for a car that's incredibly durable and enviro friendly.  They want to have a steady stream of "new and improved" cool looking products.  A lot of people don't even buy cars, they just lease them for two or three years then get the next latest model.  I know sanitary products and automobiles aren't the same thing, but I think the pricinple is still there.

Coupled with the fact that women would have to *gasp*shock*faint* wash out the non-disposable cups, you know, actually touch their own blood and acknowledge that aspect of femninity, I'm not sure it'll ever take off.

If it does, it will likely be bought out from the original sellers of the cups and absorbed into the huge companies like Johnson&Johnson.  And that makes me sad.  If they don't sell out, I wonder what margin of profit they could even make...if they turn to advertising for a wider audience, they'll need money.  The price they charge for them now isn't enough (on a product that lasts ten years).

Maybe, maybe it'll spread through grassroots communities like this one.  What do you think the future has in store?

So Spoiled!!!

I've been so spoiled by this community! All this information and help on using menstrual cups has been such a blessing... now I'm exploring the world of cervical caps (I know, I just can't keep cups out of my vag...) and there's no warm, comfy, friendly, helpful, informative community to be found :,(
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Horseback Riding?

Hi everyone. I'm considering getting a DivaCup but I'm concerned about riding horses while wearing it. I've read a couple of entries on here that mentioned when the cup would slip out a little bit (squatting, urinating, etc). I'm concerned about it slipping around while riding. Has anyone on here ridden a horse while wearing a cup? I think I'm most concerned about posting at the trot, and cantering...especially cantering because I'm not good at it and tend to land hard on the saddle. Would it also be forced up?

Sorry if this isn't making any sense, but I hope someone understands and can help.

Thanks :)