February 5th, 2005

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I bought my first ...

After hearing so much about various cups, I purchased a Keeper this morning! I placed an order online and now I'm anxiously waiting for it to arrive within a week or so. I'm very, very excited, but also a bit nervous/anxious because it's my first time using something like this.

Any tips for first time users? How did you feel when you first used your first menstrual cup?

I'm very excited!

Take care, you all rock!

PS -- I'm new.

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um, so this was my second unsuccessful "dry run" (i.e. no period) with the diva. it made me a bit sore and even drier. i also have a question - has anyone ever gotten a cup in while they're not on their period? or does it only happen when your period starts and you have more natural lubrication? i have an insertion concern too - how do you hold it while you're putting it in? i think i must be doing something wrong because at times it's as if i'm trying to get my whole fist up there, which can't be right. i don't know how else to hold it without letting it pop open and nearly kill me. are you meant to keep your thumb and index finger parallel to the length of the folded cup or something? and should it be inserted so that the curved, or closed, part of the fold is at the left of your vagina, or does that not really matter?