February 3rd, 2005


I accidentally KILLED my divacup *cries*
I went to boil it and I left it on the stove and forgot about it!!. It was left on so long all the water evaporated =( It got all cracked and burned. I should never be allowed to use a stove again I'm going to burn the house down =(
What's worse is tomorrow is my period! Now I have to go buy another... at least a store near me has them!
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this diva has the blues!

[sorry if this is a repeat, i checked memories, but i'm stupid :P]

this sounds ridiculously horrendous but it is too big!
i didn't buy the afterbirth size, i'm just...for lack of better words, super tight?
i'm 18, and i just got this at my local womyn's centre at college and i am SO excited about using it
[environmentally sustainable, comfortable, less leaks, cheaper...!!] if only i could
so far i've tried: loosening up, erm...getting "happy" ^^, leg on the bathtub, on the floor..everything. nothing works.
lube has been suggested, and is being procured..

does it normally take this long to figure this out [i've had it for like 4 days now]?!?!
anyone else had the same problem?

-the apoorvatron
the everyday turned solitary

nuva ring

Hey everyone

I've been reading for a while... and now I have a question!

Lets see.. I've been on the patch (ortho evra) for about 2 years now and for the last 4-5 months I've been experience obnoxious spotting during the second week after my period. I went and talked to a doctor about it today, and she recommended I switch methods--and prescribed the nuva ring. So basically, I'm just curious about the ring and if any of you have any love/hate stories about it. I use the diva cup, and I was wondering if the ring and the cup would interfere... the pamphlet says that sometimes you'll put the new ring in before your period has stopped, so I'd want to be using my cup.

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Beech leaves

Suggested procedure for polls

I'd suggest the following procedure for polls, it seems to have worked well this time. Thanks again to mama_bean for her fabulous polls.

1. If you don't have a paid account and want to request that someone puts up a poll, or if you're thinking of making a poll, put up a post so that we can all hop in and discuss it merrily. (Optional, but it saves that lovely feeling of, "Damn, I should have added that question and changed that question and then...")
2. Put the poll up uncut and leave it that way for about a day, as this comm gets a lot of traffic and most responses are within 24 hours, and that way we can see how it's going.
3. Then edit the post so that it's behind a cut, so that it doesn't clog up members' friends pages for too long.

Sound reasonable to people?

Also, many people appreciate it if long posts are put behind LJ-cuts. Instructions may be found here, and it's very easy.

Find your cervix

I've only used my Diva for one cycle. I put it in like the directions said and it was great. It might have leaked a little though, although it was so little I'm not even sure. I read other people saying they wear their cup right up to their cervix and I wanted to try that too. It makes sense, since that is where the blood is coming from.

Warning: might be a bit long and TMI for some of you:

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Is it open?

I got my Divacup a few days ago!

Aunt Flo isn't expected for a few more weeks, but I, of course, had to try the Diva. :) Insertion: no prob. But grabbing it again to "rotate" it? Not happening! Now, the cup felt quite comfy in there, I walked around and did some gyrations and didn't even feel it, which was cool! But the base felt a little...indented, like there was suction in there maybe keeping it collapsed from when I inserted it? (I also needed to tug to break the seal when I removed it.)

I figure my best bet is to wear the thing during my period with a (brand new reusable!) pad for backup, but I thought you lovely people might have some tips for me to know if I've got my cup in properly WITHOUT waiting for leaks. :)