February 1st, 2005


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i've heard good things about menstrual blood for gardening. my problem is actually harnessing it from my keeper. most of what it captures comes out when i'm removing it from my body, before i have time to pour it into anything. thoughts?
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menstrual cup poll?

hi guys!

elettaria suggested that someone make a poll about problems with insteads, and i can totally do that. any questions that you'd like to have answered by the group at large? leakage, insertion or removal difficulties, etc?

also, if you want me to make any other general polls about menstrual cups, let me know, and give me an idea of questions you want answers to, and it shall be done.

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There's a good chance this has been discussed before, but I can't find it in the memories... so.

I'm reading Inga Muscio's book, Cunt, for the first time (I know, I'm a little behind the times). I'm betting many of you have read this too. So what's up with this paragraph on page 33:

"The Keeper is another fabulous gizmo for catching blood flow. It is a natural rubber cup with a stem [ed. note--so far so good] that has a small hole in the end. The cup fits over your cervix, and when it's full, little drips of blood flow through the stem, letting you know it's time to tend to your Keeper.

I have never tried The Keeper because I don't like things covering my cervix, but I still average around two emails a month from ladies extolling The Keeper's virtue. It is, I've been informed by sources all over the globe, reuseable, incredibly comfortable and convenient."

WTF? Unless I am seriously mistaken about how I've been using The Keeper for the past 3 or so years, it doesn't fit over the cervix. That thing about the stem with the hole in the end? How would that work exactly? "Oh, my menstrual cup is LEAKING. I guess it's time to tend to it." Yeah, I'd say.

Is Ms. Muscio mixing The Keeper up with another product I've never heard of? Or does she just not understand at all how it works?

I'm about 55 pages into the book and enjoying it, but I was just flabbergasted by what she said about The Keeper.
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hello lovely ladies.

so i just tried inserting my divacup for the first time even though i'm not on my period. it was a heck of a lot harder than i thought it was going to be but i can tell that one of these days, i'm going to get it in. a couple times i accidentally let it "pop" too close to my vaginal opening - ow. i let it soak for a little while in warm water to soften it up a little, then lubed the rim with some ky jelly. that made my fingers slippery; hence, the premature popping. i tried sitting on the toilet, lying down, and squatting. i kept running up against what i suppose is my pubic bone so i decided to do a little self-exploration. (my vag is a lot longer than i thought it was. haha tmi, i know.) now i know the true meaning of "aim for your lower back," haha. i had to stop simply because my hand was getting achy from having to keep the cup squeezed into its insertion fold-thing. maybe tomorrow.
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