January 31st, 2005

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Cup brand

I'm looking into trying one of these cups, but I'm not sure what to get. Please help me out with your input in this poll.

Poll #428482 Your Brand

What brand of cup do you use/prefer?

Moon Cup
The Keeper

How/why did you choose this brand?

Do you have any problems with leakage?

None at all, the cup works fine by itself.
A little bit...I also use a pantyliner.
Some..sometimes I'll use a pad too.

I think I'm ruling out MoonCups because I'm in the US and it would cost more, and I really haven't heard much about Instead...I'm not sure what the benefit over a disposable cup would be.

I know the main difference between the Keeper and Diva are the materials. I'm not allergic to Latex, although I don't care for the way condoms have made me smell after sex.

I'm also curious about the leakage issue because when I saw the Keeper site, they had some combo thing to get some reusable pads along with the Keeper for cheaper than each individually. Price is definitely an issue for me, so if I'm going to need some reusable pads I'd like to do it this way while it's cheaper. Or will that make it so I don't get the guarantee if for some reason I don't like the cup?

So what's your brand preference and why? Any information is greatly appreciated...I'm mid-period right now and I'd love to order something and have it here to try by next month.
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Thank you everyone for your input to my poll, it was incredibly helpful!

So I'm all excited to buy the DivaCup...my question now is, where is the best place to buy?

People have mentioned other websites or even stores...

According to the website, there aren't exactly any local stores to buy one at. Regarding websites...if I get one from other than the DivaCup website, do they still uphold the moneyback guarantee?

Thank you so much, this commmunity is awesome.
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rainbow colors!

Suppose the silicone cups were to come in different colors?

Now, I'm well aware that people will be terrified of the colors leeching into themselves, but I am somewhat under the impression that silicone kind of locks colors in, or is intrinsically a color and thus is no dye risk (we use silicone spatulas for cooking and they come in all colors).

If it were safe, would you get a pretty frosted purple Diva Cup? I know I would!
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