January 30th, 2005

it is what it is

There aren't words...

...enough to thank you all.

Dear and lovely women of menstrual_cups, your advice and tips have saved me and my cunt and we thank you so, so very much. I had bought a DivaCup in December with the intent of making it my sole menstrual resource; what with one thing and another, I had to abandon my attempts to use it for that cycle... but I said, "Oh, I'll just try again, lah dee dah."

Well, this time around hasn't been so easy-- nerves, time, and frustration made me think that I was crazy to be trying the cup in the first place, and that I should just not bother. I really, really didn't want to give up, though, like seriously crying in frustration, and then I thought of the internet, 'cos it's the Repository of All Knowledge. And then I found you all, via the Mooncup page (which, I found, had slightly better insertion instructions than the DivaCup page/pamphlet) and looked at your Memories section...

Thanks to you, I finally am successfully using my damn cup. It's day three of the bloody time, but I'm using my cup, and I won't fear removing it later (well, not fear so much), and I now know that I probably need to trim the stem just a little bit. There is nothing like reading the experiences of other women... I really, really can not thank you all enough.
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what should I do with all the tampons and pads I have but am never going to use again? I've been wondering this for awhile. I've had my diva for 6-7 cycles now so there is no way I'm reverting back to anything mainstream.

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hey all.

i just bought a package of instead softcups because frankly, i want to be able to piss without changing a tampon, and it seems a little bit better to be using when i have to go to school. i am a little hesitant. i tried it out earlier, but since i'm not used to it yet, i'm not sure if it's in right. i read the instructions, and it seemed to be all the way in and i couldn't feel it..but i am still a little nervous about leaving it there. do you feel it kinda 'pop' in place or what?

if it starts revolting when i move around, then it's probably not in right, yes?

help me! i start tomorrow and i don't wanna put up with a tampon!

also, for anyone that uses them overnight, do you experience leaking during sleep?


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I've been using divacup since August without a problem. All of a sudden this cycle I just can't get the dang thing in right. It doesn't catch ANY blood, it all leaks out. This has been frustrating me to no end. I don't understand? Why would I suddenly not be able to get it in right?

Anybody else have this problem?
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but it was friends-only so I doubt this is really a double.

yesterday my period arrived at work and proceeded to kick my ass as periods are wont to do on the first day. I did not have my Keeper handy, so I had to use a pad from the stash at the desk.

after 8 hours sans Keeper, I am utterly convinced menstrual cups help alleviate cramps. I haven't had cramps so badly since before I began using the Keeper. about 15 minutes after work I put in my Keeper and my cramps began to subside. it probably has something to do with stretching out the cervix muscles wider so it's not some magical thang. I just prefer this way. hopefully the Menses Gods will forgive me for using a dioxin-loaded wasteful pad. :P
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insteads experience?

so... who here uses insteads?

i bought my divacup a week and a half ago, days after my period ended, and i left it at my fiance's house. my cycle is usually 4-5 weeks long, sometimes longer, so i figured i'd get it from my fiance next time i see him (this coming friday). i wouldn't have expected to get another period until like, mid-february...

but of course i start bleeding like a stuck pig on friday, a mere 15 days after my last period started, and i have no pads or tampons. so i decided to try out insteads.

okay, what am i doing wrong? i'm leaking like a mother fucker and it's kind of irritating my vag a bit. please advise me on how to insert it properly. this is what i did: bent it in half, and then inserted it and pushed it in as far as i could. in the diagram, the way the cup looks seems really odd to me, because the positioning is totally different than the keeper. like... when i stand, it feels as though the cup is vertical and so i don't see how it's catching any blood. and it is leaking a bit but holding some.

any tips on how i can better insert? i'm sick of stuffing tp in my panties to protect myself from oncoming leakage, and i really don't like feel like using pads, even cloth ones. and even natracare tampons just don't sit well with my vag. I JUST WANT SOMETHING I CAN USE FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS!!!! gaaaah!