January 26th, 2005


Quick question

Hello lovelies. Tonight is the first time both Aunt Flo and Doreen the DivaCup are in town. I introduced Doreen to Violet the Vuluva in the shower tonight (I did this last week also when Doreen first arrived).

Actual question:
I've noticed I'm kinda small (I've only had PIV penetration maybe 10 times, and don't use dildoes). When the cup is in, I hardly have enough room to stick a finger up and make sure it popped open. Is there any other way for me to know it's open and suctioned?

Cups and athleticism

I ordered my Divacup a week or so ago and can't wait for it to arrive!

I was changing into cycling shorts last night at the gym before spinning class, and suddenly realized how great it's going to be when I can wear a cup during my period and not worry about a tampon string chafing or spotting on my chamois!

How do menstrual cups stack up against large amounts of activity? Anyone ever ridden a bike for a couple of hours with one in?

I would never have known about menstrual cups without Livejournal, so THANK you all for your menstrual activism! :D