January 24th, 2005

Emptying the cup

I've read various places that you're supposed to empty the cup (I use divacup) once or twice a day. But I was just wondering, why? Is it just so that it doesn't get too full, or is there some other reason? Toward the end of my period, I have light bleeding for a few days, so theoretically I could leave my cup in for three days and not have it get full.

Diva+Nuvaring and boiling

Hi!  I'm Elle.
I just ordered a Divacup, and I'm extremely excited about using it for my cycle.  I recently switched from depo to NuvaRing, so I'm actually going to have a real period.  I'm happy about that.

I'm wondering a few things - with the cup and the ring in, should I have the ring in the cup, or should it be underneath, closer to the entrance to my vagina? 
[edit]I should have mentioned that I have a smallish vagina, and the ring itself sits really close to my vag. opening while still being back hooked around my cervix (if that made sense.).[/edit]

Also, to clean it, is it okay to just pour boiling water on it rather than boiling it in water?  I've got a hot pot, but no real pot to boil things in.  Alas, I am a college student.