January 22nd, 2005



I just got my diva cup in the mail today!

It feels so much softer than my keeper... and smoother, too. Not as tacky.

I had to retire the keeper today (forever this time). I figured this cycle would be its final test... I've used some form of lubrication every time I've inserted it to ensure no undue friction on my tender parts, but today, after three days of only minor discomfort, it burned to insert, hurt to wear, and even after removal, it burns to pee. It is getting retired.

I <3 the Diva pin and put it on my biking backpack (never leaves my side) and will likely boil the diva cup for use when my lady bits stop hurting. XD

Oh- also-
does anyone know about the particulars of recycling a keeper cup? It's well past its return point, but I want it to go somewhere where it can be of use.


Silly as this may sound, I had an epiphany. I realized my big problem (or most of it)... I *knew* the cup went into the vagina, I *hadn't* understood yet that it was supposed to go around the cervix. Inserting it that way has prevented the majority of my leaks, and now I can happily say I *really* enjoy the cup that much more.

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Hi! I'm new here but have been a member of menstrualhut for a while now. They are the ones that introduced me to the DivaCup and I have been a user of that for about 1 year (1yr on the 27th of this month actually...thanks LJ for record-keeping!). I don't know why it took me this long to join this comm but I am sure I will just love it just like I love my DivaCup!

Ok, since this isn't a question but a tip (about messes), I will put this behind a cut.

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hi all
ive got a question

what are the symptoms of Endometiosis if there are any

im little worried
last summer i went to the hospital and i had a complete checkup and they couldnt figure out what was causing the pain. By the end of it all they kind of thought it might of been a cyst on my ovary but that was that.
I didnt feel any pain agian untill recently.

thanks everyone in advance