January 19th, 2005

herbal bath
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of course, it had to happen. i dropped my divacup in the toilet. ah, well. poured some boiling water on it and called it good.

on the plus side, i trimmed the stem a little, and now it does not poke me!!! yay!!!

i think we all have to drop it in there at least once.

the issue was particularly bad because of *delicately put* what was in the toilet with the cup. ahem.

however, today, i forgot i was bleeding for the first time. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

now i am done.
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keeper to divacup switch

i've been using the keeper for a year and a half. recently, my keeper somehow got an invisible leak somewhere and so i can no longer use it.

at my fiance's school, keepers are $20 and divacups are $15. i'm thinking about trying the divacup, even though i had no problems with the keeper, just to check it out.

anyone have advice on making the switch?

Ah, my Diva.

My dear Diva-Cup arrived today, following much anticipation. Though I am not menstruating this week, I tried to insert it, causing a bit of pain and a lot of discomfort. My first question is as follows... It is safe to practice insertion though not menstruating, correct?

Next.. though I am not a virgin, I believe my vaginal canal is rather small. I've had no problems inserting tampons in the past, but the size of the Diva is somewhat intimidating. I've considered using a bit of lube during insertion. Yay, nay?

Further, I couldn't get it to turn around at all, and, also, had trouble getting it out. I've read the memories here and on vaginapagina and other menstrual communities on LJ.

Could I perhaps be doing anything incorrectly or, are there any tricks of the trade I should know to make insertion, removal.. the whole process.. easier?

I'm determined to do this correctly, and like it. (: I'm more stubborn than my girly bits.

Also, when I finally managed to remove the cup, it had several drops of a milky white liquid? What is this? Could it be ovulation-juice?