January 17th, 2005

  • gunnah


hey, i'm new here, although i've been reading the entries posted in this community for a few days now. i'm really keen on this whole menstrual cup idea - you lot have converted me! :) - and i'm seriously considering getting a diva. i have this one major concern though. i'm really, really small - i'm 17, a virgin, and i'm petite anyways (5'0 - not that this matters? or does it? i have no idea). i have loads of trouble trying to get a tampon in right - my body seems to try to expel even the tiniest tampon i can possibly find, and i am constantly aware of the tampon when i get one in. (this could just be a not-knowing-how-my-cunt-is-shaped thing, though.) i've heard that the divacup is huge, so i was wondering if i can't even get a tampon in, would it be remotely possible for me to get the diva in?? i would LOVE to try it out though, seeing as i don't like pads at all, and the whole bit about sparing the planet is incredibly appealing, too. not to mention my wallet. thanks! you girls are all awesome!