January 13th, 2005

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Yes it is true, with the INSTEAD® Softcup®, you can have "clean sex" while on your period.

And because our product keeps your period so anonymous, there are no signs or odor during intercourse. Many of our users love this added benefit and most of their partners tout the praises of the INSTEAD® Softcup®.

" I can have clean sex with my boyfriend which makes him happy, happy, happy and me as well. So thank you"

" P.S. my husband loves them too because he never has to go on hold."

" And my husband loves that we can have "clean sex during that time of the month"

"It is not noticeable, not even to your sexual partner can detect it"

The INSTEAD® Softcup® is worn internally, similar to a diaphragm, and not in the vaginal canal like a tampon. Because the cup is not in the vaginal canal often your partner will not even know it is there.

this creep anyone else out? How do you get it out after sex without making a mess?
take a taste.
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Diva cup tip!

Hi, everyone! I just joined after being referred here from vaginapagina. I want to share a discovery I made yesterday:

Since getting my Diva cup, I've sometimes had difficulty getting it to pop open once I get it inside my vaginal canal, and nothing that i tried was helping (twisting, inserting my finger parallel to the cup and "stirring," jumping around. contorting my body, cursing). Last night however, I had a little brainstorm and may have come up with something useful: run the cup under cold water for ~10 seconds or so so that the whole thing is somewhat chilled. I had usually been rinsing it in warm water (that making it feel nicer to insert), but warm water makes the silicone very slightly more pliable, just enough more pliable that it doesn't want to pop out. Putting it under cold water, OTOH, stiffens the silicone a little and makes it more apt to pop open! This can be a little annoying if you're still getting the hang of insertion, but it's better than dancing around for 10 minutes trying to get it to pop open inside. So far I've gotten this method to work twice, and I'm considering the rest of my menstrual week the "trial period" (haha, sorry for the pun) to make sure that it's a consistently workable thing and not just a random stroke of luck.

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EDIT, 1/17/05: It worked consistently all week (though sometimes had to be paired with the "stirring" method)! Now I definitely recommend this method as a way to get a stubborn DC or Mooncup to pop open.

Can't reach the sink from the toilet

I just moved from an apartment where I can reach the sink while sitting on the toilet to an apartment where I can't. Does anyone else have this situation and how do you handle it? It's hard to wiggle over to the sink to rinse out my cup with my pants at my ankles without dripping all over the floor. I've thought about standing over the bath tub to take it out, but I wanted to see what other people have thought of.