January 12th, 2005

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just wanted to brag a bit. Tuesday is always my heaviest day. to the point that i soak a super tampon in 2 hours and always wear black pants (which often get soaked with blood anyway), and bring extra underwear to work.

yesterday i wore a thong, light grey pants and my cup. :)

also, the keeper dance is amazing. maybe i wasn't dancing enough when i first tried it. now, whenever i put the cup in and it's still folded a bit, i just dance around, squeeze and such a few times. when i check to see if it worked, it's in the perfect place. i love the cup more each month.

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Hi, I am new to the community long time reader.
I just received my new diva cup in the mail today, the reason I chose the diva cup is because I read it was softer than the keeper and had a shorter stem also the transparent material and the little ridges at the bottom.
I always hated pads, felt like diapers and never came thin enough. Since my period first stared when I was 16 I have always used tampons. But sticking a dry wad of cotton in your vagina always made me feel gross and never alloud my natural lubrication.
I am looking forward to use my new diva cup on my next period, my mom once told me a horror story about her trying to use insteads. I hope to buy my mom her first diva cup!
Today was my first practice instertation and removal, inserting was difficult and wouldn't go in! But when I got it wet with warm water that helped and removing it was more easy except the rim at the top was kinda painful on its way out. I hope with more practice I will get use to it.
Is the stem supposed to kind of stick out of your body?

Who else loved the diva pin that came with the diva cup?

I found that the diva cup is cheapest to buy at www.poshmamas.com


hi, i'm new here. My name is Emily and i just got my diva cup in the mail...just in time for my cycle, the timing couldn't have been better!

i'm so in love with my cup right now! i was a little nervous about the comfort level and taking it out/putting it in...but everything has been great so far and i feel so much more clean! then i did with pads/tampons. i always had to have "back up" the first few days but not with the diva cup!

i was on depo for almost eight years (from sixteen till i was 24) so i've only been getting my period again for about six months (i'm on yasmin) i have endo and tampons always kinda hurt my girl but the diva is not giving me any trouble at all...

i've been reading for awhile and if it wasn't for some of you fine women i would have never tried the diva cup, so thanx! (i'm so happy about the cup i feel like a huge nerd!)
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My divacup leaked quite a lot during the first few days this cycle and I have no idea why. I'm pretty sure it was in as far as it could be and I know it was unfolded. I always turn it and make sure it's in there and unfolded. When I'd take it out after it leaked a whole bunch it seemed to be about half full. Oh, and this is my 5th or 6th cycle with it. Any thoughts?