January 11th, 2005


Why I switched from the Keeper to the Diva Cup

I've been using a Keeper for almost three years now, and I'm only on my second day of using the Diva cup, but I've already been converted.

Why did I switch from the Keeper to the Diva Cup, if the Keeper was working for me? Here's why:

I like the fact that the Diva Cup is clear. It's easier to tell when it's really clean.

I like the fact that the Diva Cup has lines inside to tell you how much you are bleeding.

I like the fact that the Diva Cup has ridges on the bottom to help you grab onto the sucker when you remove it. I can't have a stem on the cups because it irritates me too much, and the ridges really do help.

The Diva Cup is a bit softer than my Keeper, and more comfortable.

(Did the material of the Diva Cup change slightly in the past few years? In the memories, people talk about how the Diva Cup is stiffer than the Keeper, but in my experience it's actually softer. Maybe my Keeper hardened over time?)

The main decision behind why I bought a Diva cup is the fact that my Keeper has been bothering my cootch for a while. After a few days of using it I would become irritated, and insertion and removal of the cup would be painful enough that I stopped using the cup for the last half of my period. This has gotten worse with each successive period.

I'm not sure why this happened. Maybe I'm developing an allergy to latex. Maybe I'm not cleaning the Keeper well enough or reacting to the cleanser, though I can't see how; I've used the same method and products I always have -- water and Ivory soap during, a hot water and vinegar soak after. Maybe it's because I also use a Nuva Ring; I've never had this sort of irritation before I started on the Ring, but then again I didn't have problems the first eight months that I was on the Ring (I've been using the Ring for about 16 months). Maybe it's a combination of a few things.

But I took a guess and bought a Diva Cup ... and all I know is that it's day two of the Diva, and my cootch isn't even hinting that it's going to be hurting.

I'll keep my Keeper, but it'll be stuffed in the back of my undie drawer and taken out only in emergencies.
I has a facelift


...tell me it's unfounded, please. :)

I checked the archives and recent entries, so I don't think this is too repetitive:

I'm considering taking the plunge and ordering the Diva Cup. I'm 22, not a virgin, but I am rather small. I was unable to use tampons until very recently. They are still not always comfortable for me. I believe that it's an issue of inserting them far enough, and it always seems like there's friction to fight. I've used KY to ease insertion, but I'd like for things to be a little simpler.

My question: Taking my "issues" into account, is the Diva Cup similar? Would it ease the complications of tampons? I don't have a lot of room to wiggle it around in there, so is that a factor?

Thank you ever so much.