January 5th, 2005

First time using a divacup...

I ordered a divacup two weeks or so ago but it still hasn't come. I got impatient so I just tracked down a store that sold them using the store locator at the diva cup website.

My period started yesterday morning and so far it is working great! I only emptied it once yesterday afternoon and when I woke up today and I haven't had the slightest bit of leakage or even odor.

Getting it in right is frustrating though. I practiced before my period but it is always so frustrating putting it in. Getting it in is easy enough but it takes so much manipulation to get it to open up for me. I have take a break because my hands and arms get sore after struggling for too long. Eventually it does open up, but I don't see what I did right. I'll turn the cup and push it up and down and it will stay somewhat flattened. Then suddenly after doing the same thing it is finally open all of a sudden. I never really feel any suction except through how the cup itself feels with my hands. I find that even after it is mostly open there still might be a "dent" one side, and so that's hard to remedy.

Taking it out isn't hard, but taking it out right takes some finesse. Once while practicing my divacup slipped out of my hands and into the toilet. I cleaned it with hot water and then rubbing alcohol after that... anyway, so I'm more careful now. I try to keep a tight grip with both hands once enough of it is out.

So anyway, my main question is, what do you do to make it open up once it is in? Turning it doesn't seem to work very well for me...