January 4th, 2005

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clogged holes in diva cup?

I have been using the diva cup for a year now, had a keeper before that so am familiar with their use. The diva cup's small holes seem to be constantly clogged with old blood/tissue that is very hard to get out, basically just by using the blunt end of a needle or sth. like that. Has anybody else found a solution to this problem? I got these thingies to make my life easier, not to keep me busy scraping clotted blood out of tiny holes... :-(

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Is there a really easy way to take out the divacup? (Yes, I finally got it to go in after alot of crying) I grab the base and pull it out but it stretches me alot since the top is open all the way and the suction hurts. I've tried breaking the seal, but I'm so small that I can't get a finger up there. And by the time I get it low, I have to pull it out really quick or it feels like my vagina's ripping open.

How can you tell if it's menses or spotting with a menstrual cup?

I like to think that I know a lot about female reproductive health, but the difference between spotting and a light period has always confused me. I know the volume of spotting for one woman may seem like a light period for another, but how do you tell the difference for yourselves and how can you tell the difference while wearing a menstarual cup? (I read one way to tell would be to check your panties or when the flow isn't heavy enough for a pad or tampon, something that doesn't seem to apply to wearing a cup.)

I got my cup a few days before my last period finished, so my first full cycle on it will start at the end of this week. I also chart, so it's beneficial to me to know what's spotting and what's not. Sorry if this is a silly post, but I'd really like to know what you think.