January 3rd, 2005

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

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you know when I *really* love my keeper?

when I am so dirt-poor-broke I can't imagine buying groceries for another month.

go ahead and flow, period, cause I don't need to buy tampons or pads!
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Your aunt coerces your parents into turning a day trip to see the family into a day trip with staying the night attached, and you hadn't bargained for that one.
Said aunt has white couch covers.
You're hosting the communist invasion. Surfing crimson tides. Raising the Japanese flag. Whatever.

Who the hell cares?

:D Happy New Year everyone!
Handle With Care

~ celebrate your blood ~

Hello There Everybody *waves*

Ive just discovered & joined this community tonight, & since Im now the very happy owner of a mooncup I can share with you two of this moonths menstrual artworks :

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I welcome feedback so long as its constructive, so please do comment on my art & also feel free to have a look at my personal lj as I post alot more of my in there ♥