December 31st, 2004


so i bought the diva cup and i tried it.....I COULDN'T GET IT OUT! went in pretty easy, i did everything it said in the instructions but it was impossible to get fingers couldn't pinch the tip to take it out and i tried just tugging on it and it made it worse. i had to go get a mirror and some clamps to pull it out some more so i could finally pinch it and take it out with a loud plop. IT WAS HORID!!! =( has this happend to anyone else?? or am i just doing somethin wrong?
On ur island


Stroke of ingenious today. I've been carrying around a backup Instead in my coin purse for a while now, and periodically torturing my stepsister by throwing it at her or what have you (she thinks it's "weird"). So today, since my rag's over, I took it out of the wrapper and we sort of tossed it around, and the thin cup part got torn, so not really thinking, she took and ripped it off and stuck the remaining rim around her wrist. We then realized how much it looks like all those rubber bracelets everyone's wearing in different colors for different causes. I let her keep that one and went home to improve on the design.

I realize pink has already been claimed by the breast cancer movement, which is totally cool, but this is a slightly different shade and shape and a feminine cause anyway, so I went with it.

I took and stuck the rim around the bottom of a drinking glass to hold it taut (and I wouldn't want to do the next steps while wearing it!). Then I lit a candle, heated a flathead screwdriver in the flame, and used it to burn the word "REVOLUTION" into the bracelet. On the opposite side I burned the Venus symbol, though I used the heated round head of a small tack nail to make the circular part. After it cooled, I used a toothpick to carefully fill in the lettering with black nail polish.

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All that's left to do, really, is clean up the char-smudges from the burned edges round the lettering (the nail polish helps to blend them in). My mom thinks it's gross but I find it pretty amusing. People will ask what your bracelet's about, and you can spread the good news of the menstrual product revolution! Plus, it's a handy way to demonstrate the basics of using the Instead to confused friends--just slip it off and fold it up, maybe use your clenched fist to explain insertion.

Too damn much time on my hands. ^_^

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