December 29th, 2004


Hey all,

I'm a transgender girl still in a masculine body and I've joined this group, even though I won't ever bleed, to learn more about cunts/vaginas (whichever term you prefer, I prefer the former), menstruation, cycles, bleeding and how it's dealt with because of my desire to break down gender and understand people with the body I wish I was born with. I hope that doesn't sound too patronizing, but basically, I want to learn.



I got my divacup today, so I figured I'd try it out even though I'm not on my period. I can't get the thing in. I tried at least 5 times and it won't go in. Then I noticed that there was a little bit of blood on it when I took it out, so I must have broke something. I've used tampons ever since I started, so it should work. I eventually gave up and cried my eyes out because I wanted this to work. I'm even starting to cry while writing this. I've never had sex, so maybe I'm too small. I tried looking down there and it looks like another opening into my vagina in the opening. Plus my urethra's down there, so I have to get past that. I'm sore too from trying to push it in. I would take a picture, but sadly I'm 15. :(