December 21st, 2004

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diva cup!

i'm now finishing up the 2nd cycle using my diva cup and i found it's improved but still leaks. i hope i get it right the 3rd time! anyway, i noticed that i have an easier time with leakage (probably due to proper suction?) when i insert it halfway or so folded, and then let it unfold there, and then push it the rest of the way in fully open. then i do a few twists and tug gently on it a bit to ensure suction. i find that the suction happens better when i put it in like that. just wondering if this is a bad thing to do (i.e. am i pushing air up there - is that bad?)

Menstrual Cups and Leaking

Hello, I'm new here and have been reading a lot about people having leakage while using their menstrual cups. I have had this problem and have figured how to avoid it and what works for me, personally. I've been using the Keeper for at least 3 years now - maybe a little longer.

I find that if I start my period, and there's blood in the vagina when you put the cup in, there's going to be leakage. When you fold the cup to put it in, it doesn't get any of the blood off the sides of the vagina such as a tampon would. So, I wear a panty liner for the first day or part of the day. After the first time I take the cup out to empty/clean it, then the blood that was in my vagina comes out with the cup. I guess it sort of gets "scraped" off the sides below the cup when I pull it out. So, when I put the cup back in, there's no residual blood in the vagina to leak out.

I know this sounds simplistic, but I find that after that first insertion/removal/re-insertion, I don't have any leakage anymore. I can even sleep with it in and not have leakage anymore.

I don't know if this makes sense to anyone, logically, or if it will help anyone else who is new or experiencing leakage frustration. I just thought I'd add my 2-cents in case it does help someone.

BTW, I LOVE my Keeper. I found the Diva Cup only recently, like last year, and I figured it's pretty much the same thing as the Keeper. The Keeper is rubber and the Diva Cup is silicone. As far as I can tell, there's no other difference between the two. I've only just seen the Moon Cup here on this community, but it looks bigger to me than either the Keeper or the Diva Cup. So, what's the difference with the Moon Cup?
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Being Prepared

Just when I think my tampon days are over, I get my the beginning of my shift. Although I'm on schedule I totally forgot it was coming, and luckily (I guess) I still had a couple tampons stashed in the bottom of my purse. Do you guys normally travel with your cup, or do you use the occasional tampon/pad in case of emergency? I can now finally vouche that I do leak more with tampons than with a cup, and I actually found myself annoyed that I had to change my tampon twice in the 8 hours I worked...the cup has spoiled me! Fooey for surprise periods.
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