December 19th, 2004


(no subject)

I'm 21 years old and my periods are a total dream, the only time I have ever gotten period pains was when I was on Celeste birth control pill which made everything about my cycle go very wrong.
The past few months I have noticed some cramping, at first I though it was because I am living with another woman, I've also considered doing lots of kegals may have been the problem, but both seem very unlikely.
When I get these cramps they aren't bad at all, they are just a little bit uncomfortable, I do however get an urge to remove my cup, one day I did have very bad pains, I removed my cup and tried my emergency Lunapads, the cramps cleared up straight away.
I've used my cup for about two years without any problems, so I am wondering why it may cause problems now – do you think it could be the IBS causing pain when I am using my cup? I really don't want to believe that it could be my cup causing problems, I don't see how it could be causing menstrual cramps, has anyone else had a similar problem?