December 17th, 2004

gwen window

2nd cycle of use not going well

*le sigh*
last month (first cycle) my divacup was AWESOME! other than a little issue w/ not being able to get the cup out once (i didnt know to break the suction but i figured it out) i was IN LOVE w/ it. well i know some of you non afraid to stick your fingers in your coochie girls here probably also use the nuvaring, the absolute love of my life. i missed picking up a new ring last month so i just went off it for a month... this being my first month w/o birth control w/ the divacup. my period has been terrible- cramps, diarrhea, back pain, etc. the cup seems to be exacerbating the problems... when my bladder gets full, the cup seems to press on it, causing a painful dash to the bathroom. also, the cup is leaking much more than i would like (it ruined my new sheets while i was sleeping). the leaking problem seems to be worse when im horizontal. and does anyone have any recommendations to get the tiny holes on the inside of the cup cleaner? do you guys have any similar problems? also, how often do you empty your cup? last month i only emptied twice a day, but this month its been about double. i dont want to give up on this!