December 12th, 2004


Jesus Christ

VIENNA, Austria (CNN) -- Dioxin poisoning caused the disfiguring illness afflicting Ukrainian opposition presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko, doctors at an Austrian hospital said Saturday.

Look at his face. That's just unbelievable. There are some sick fucks out there.

Dioxin is also found in bleached tampons. While I know the levels are far less than what was used to poison Yushchenko I still find it slightly frightening. He was poisoned presumably from July to November, some women use tampons for decades.
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In My Heart I Did No Crime

Some Keeper Questions

I'm using my shiny new Keeper for the first time. I have some newbie questions.

Is the stem supposed to protrude from the vagina? I didn't trim it because I wasn't sure how it was supposed to fit, and now I can't tell if it's too long. The very end sticks out a bit.

Next question: How can I tell if the cup is sealed correctly?

And my final question: Is the sensation that my body is trying to expell the Keeper illusory, or is it an actual concern?

Thanks so much!


Thank you all for the suggestions... It hasn't leaked, which is good. The new problem is getting the Keeper out in order to empty it. I tried. Apparently I wasn't doing it right, because it hurt in a bad way. I'm assuming it's a matter of practice.


I feel bad. In my obsession to pimp this product out, I got into an argument with an LJ friend and she told me I didn't respect her opinion. Should have said it's because she doesn't respect the environment but that would simply exacerbate the situation. Oh well. She'll get over it, and continue to use pads because they're more comfortable, even though they're not.

Next topic.

I find that my Keeper keeps (haha) moving up into my vagina. No matter how hard I try, I can't get it to sit low. It doesn't hurt to pull it out, but I have a hard time grabbing onto it. Everyone's been telling me it's more effective lower down.

Any ideas?
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