December 11th, 2004

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keeper sterilization?

So, I'm an official diva cup convert now. Happy, content, no major problems. However, I DO have this keeper lying around. I feel so bad for it, no vaginas for it to protect and a year over it's guarantee! POOR KEEPER! I know it can not be boiled, but is there any way it could be sterlized so I could pass it on as a gift?

hey, i'm new.

i've been lurking for a while. i found this community when i was researching alternative menstrual products. i just got completely disgusted when it seemed like all five girls in my dorm suite were bleeding at the same time. the bathroom trash was overflowing and it was gross; the amount of waste we were putting out was just staggering. so i started out looking for cloth pads and got really into it. i found the cutest patterns and was on the verge of ordering, in my excitement, when i realized that i rarely used pads. luckily, luna pads had their cup and pads offer. i'd never even heard about cups before. so, instead of studying, i scoured the internet in search of the different cups, prices, and availability.

lo and behold, earthfare (two seconds from my dorm) carried divacups. i headed down to check it out and found that they carried the keeper too! dilemma. i ended up going with the divacup and, after a very unlucky first cycle with it (inserted too high), i am in love.

oh, also, hi. my name's kate and i live in athens, georgia.
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just bought a keeper...

It seems to be working fine, and I'm really happy that I'm trying it because tampons are icky. I even noticed that my cramps aren't as bad. I hardly notice it's there. However...a couple of things.

1) It still seems to leak a little bit. Is this normal, or is it just not inserted right? Too far in maybe?

2) I've been hearing horror stories of the likes of, "It shifts and then SPILLS ALL OVER THE PLACE!" How would one prevent this?

And people online are calling me a crunchy granola because I suggested it in my LJ. I'm actually not; I just don't like using throwaway stuff that costs lots of money and gives me sickness.

Any thoughts on any of this?
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tilted diva

my divacup always tilts when it is in, so that the stem is poking into the lower left inside of my vagina. i would cut the stem off, but i am concerned that it would tip further and leak. i also wonder why it tips in the first place, i assume that it is a peculiarity of my anatomy, as i have tried to straighten it with no success. i would ignore it entirely, but it tends to get sore when i have used the cup for a few days in a row. soooo...
1 does this happen to anyone else? (the tilt/crookedness)
2 what did you do about it?
3 if you had a tilt and cut the stem off, did this cause any problems?