December 10th, 2004


Divacup test run

Finally got my Divacup *dances* and a lovely set of 4 cloth pantiliners from Rhythm and Blues Pads (they're having a special this month). USPS however was driving me insane by not updating my shipping info. It did not change from "shipper has been informed of your package and is awaiting it for delivery" until after I had gotten it already! :p

Did the test run yesterday, and other then the chunk I trimmed off of the stem for comfort I've had no issues. It opens, settles comfortably, and comes out with ease (am I the only one?).

Now I have about a week to go till I get to try it out during my period!
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Reaching out.

This may be a dumb idea, but here goes.

It seems to me that women's magazines should know about menstrual cups and write articles about them.  I've seen them mentioned (not by brand name) once or twice in Seventeen, but only in passing and not in the most hip way.

Maybe we should compose a letter asking them to feature menstrual cups.  If their readership demands for it, it's kinda hard to turn them down, right?  I've written letters to various magazines such as this before, and they do actually read their letters.

I'm wondering if the reason they haven't gotten around to it already is because so much of their advertising is bought up by disposable female sanitary products.

Still, if we sent in many letters there might be a chance.  One spot in a teen magazine could do a LOT for the future of menstrual cups, really.

*kicks the dirt*  Dunno.
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nuva ring + cup

the one question in the memories has a reply from a suspended user, so i can't see what she said!

so, i'm still bleeding and i put in my nuva-ring (first time) and then i put in the cup. i'm afraid the cup is against the nuva-ring, thus not forming the suction. i tried pushing it up further and making the cup lower, but my vaginal walls are being stubborn and keeping everything in place.

does anyone in here use nuva-ring and have any problems? any other tips i should know?

okay now i'm getting a little annoyed (the Keeper)

I have a keeper menstrual cup
I have a fairly heavy flow
Although, after inserting the keeper (which is totally comfortable and it doesn't feel wrong or tilted or too suction-y)
It is fine for about an hour, but after a while it begins to leak
(It is not overflowing)
but I felt around and noticed that my vagina is shaped funny and tilted, so is my cervix.
i have to hook my finger to get to the cervix...

ANYWAY, it leaks all day (not a lot) just a little, especially when i urinate.
A pantyliner keeps it completely under control.
But I would love to go a day without having to wear a pad/pantyliner.


p.s.- I have tried to twist it once it is up there to create suction but i am too small and can not get my hands in there to grab and twist it?

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(no subject)

Hey, I'm new here, and to a bunch of other vagina/menstruation-related communities. *waves* This is cool stuff.

I'd heard about alternative menstrual products, but never really thought to give them a try. It wasn't a question of being skeptical or grossed out, just lack of information. A recent post here about teenage magazines reminded me of something I posted in menstrual_lib about interlabial padettes: I remember reading about these in some teenybopper mag or another several years back, but never heard anything more about them. I suspect the magazines would rather have their funding from Tampax ads and such, which is why they've always been so vague in their tiny and rare blurbs on alternatives. The only thing I ever heard about Instead-type cups was "it's a soft little cup you use to catch your flow." So there's thirteen year old me, imagining shoving one of those mini paper ketchup cups in my cha cha, and probably like 99% of other readers immediately dismissing it. It can be discouraging that women can't be comfortable enough with their bodies for these products to really take off. Eh. I wrote to a pro-menstruation site recently asking for information on their workshops/presentations to see about scheduling one for my college. Anyone done this?

Another thing, and more to the point of this community: In a week or so I should be having my first tampon/disposable-pad-free period, and I'm using Insteads. As soon as I gets me some cash, I plan to go to one of the reusable cups. Is there really a difference between the Keeper and the Divacup besides materials? I don't think I've had much interaction with latex, but from the few times I've had to wear gloves, there was no irritation. Then again, my vagina might react differently than the skin on my hands. Apart from the latex issue, has anyone here tried both and found that one or the other is better? Also, how many of you find that it can be more secure to wear a reusable pad at times with the cups (during your first usage, heavy days, long car trips, etc)? Best site to buy from? Anything else I should know?
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Present ...?

I'm seriously thinking about getting my two best girlfriends Diva Cups for the holidays--because I've been raving about mine. I know this is a very biased group to ask, but do you think that'd just be too weird or would it be a cool present? We're close friends, like pee together friends, so I'm not really worried about it making them uncomfortable, but I didn't know if a Diva Cup is something a woman should buy herself. Like if my friends gave me a box of tampons I would think it was pretty lame, but Diva Cups are different, no?
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