December 9th, 2004

Pain :(

I'm a small Chinese female who started using the Keeper in September and I haven't had any problems putting it in. But when it comes to drawing it out, I find that the upper edge of the Keeper catches inside and it makes it painful to pull out. I usually have to edge it out but towards the end, I still have to make that final haul (accompanied by a brief moment of pain).

Anybody else have this problem? Any suggestions for removing it?

Owwie...too much suction!

Hi everyone!
I had been lurking here whilst deciding whether or not to buy a cup, and now that I finally have {yay!}, I have a bit of problem/question.

I got my Diva Cup in the mail a couple weeks ago and followed the directions to test insertion and removal.  Insertion was easy for me, I think.  I got it in all right and when I walked and moved around it seemed fine, even sitting was fine.  However, I noticed when the cup unfolded inside of me, the suction was a little too intense for my comfort, and I ended up taking the cup out about five or so minutes after trying it on.  I had planned to test it out for an hour.  This is where my problem got bigger:  When I tried to take it out, I pinched the bottom of it to release as much suction as I could, but still found it very difficult to remove without feeling like I was going to pull my uterus inside out {sorry if that sounds a little horrid, but it's the only way I could describe it}.

I cleaned it and put it in its little sleeping bag and decided not to worry about it until later.

Well, it's later now, and my period is due in about a week.  I tried putting in the cup again, with the same suction/pulling sensation as before, and when I went to remove it, I had the same problem, too much suction, and it hurt.  This was about seven hours ago and I can still feel my insides are a bit uncomfortable from the pulling. Also, since I tried to pinch the cup as much as possible to relieve the suction, I can see that if there was any blood in the cup, I would have spilled it out in the removal process.

Am I a unique case?  I've read that other girls are having some discomfort, but this is enough to make me wonder how safe it is for me.  I wouldn't want that much suction pressure inside of me for so long, and the removal process is scary to me now.  I can't see how unfolding the cup inside of you wouldn't mean pulling the little air that is in there already.  It's an uncomfortable thought and feeling.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated!  I don't feel like having to go back to tampons =(

Thanks in advance! :)