December 8th, 2004


Yet another cleaning question...

I was wondering if it would be all right to clean my DivaCup with my sex toy cleaner. The instructions are to spray, leave on for 30 seconds, rinse and dry, so I assume it would be safe although it says 'not for internal use'. (I think that's so no-one uses it as a feminine spray or something.)

The real reason I ask is because Ann Summers sells 'buzz fresh' wipes that I could use if I ever have to clean it in a stall. The site describes them as 'suitible for intimate use' which is also a bonus.

So, opinions ladies? Anyone else try this?

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Sex with Insteads

I have a divacup that I'm very happy with now, but I'm thinking about getting some insteads to use occasionally so that I can have sex while on my period. Has anyone here tried have sex with an instead in? Did it leak or get messy at all? I'm trying to talk my boyfriend into trying this but he's scared.
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Community info page

Since almost anything is better than actually doing some work, I've started tinkering with the user info page. Everyone agreed that we want the focus to be on all of the cups, and I've reflected this, changing the title to "Menstrual Cup Support" (well, kellybellynet is talking about changing the comm name to menstrual_cups anyway) as well as the info. I've not done anything drastic yet, just adapted what was already there so that it briefly described all of the cups, and added links to the manufacturers' sites. I've also added another link, to the Museum of Menstruation. Personally I think it'd be great to have such resources linked here. Does anyone have suggestions for info, or for further resources to link to? We should probably do a FAQ at some point, but that'll take a while so not just yet, if you don't mind. Also, someone mentioned using more trans-inclusive language (any suggestions on phrasing that one?), and there's the whole debate on should this be a women-only place.

Any thoughts on the layout, colour scheme or comm icon, see my previous post.

ETA: I'm now fiddling with the user info, and will probably keep doing so, so keep an eye on that page. Latest addition is pictures of the cups. There are probably more elegant ways of arranging them, I admit; if anyone wants to concoct something, be my guest. The variation in scale's a bit odd, to begin with. I just grabbed some images off the net and plonked them in.