December 3rd, 2004

star yin yang

Yet another plea for help

Ok, so my period started on Wednesday (2 days ago), and I have tried at least once each day to insert my Mooncup. No luck the first couple of days. Today, I got it in (thanks to the help of a mirror and lube. . . I think I had dried myself out by trying so much), but it wouldn't unfold. I poked and prodded at it, but it just kept squishing around and remained folded. I am guessing there was suction that prevented it from unfolding, but I couldn't figure out how to break the seal. I finally gave up and squished and tugged at it until it popped out. It made more poor vagina a bit sore, so I didn't want to try again. Now it's feeling better, so maybe I'll have another go at it, but I'm still unsure how to make the thing unfold. I tried twisting, pulling, and pushing to no avail. Any advice?

Paradigm shift

So I ordered a Divacup 2 days ago (finally!) and when I was talking to my Boyfriend about it I said
"Yay new toy!"

He gave me an odd look and said "what do you mean toy? It's not a toy."

To which I laughed and replied "When you spend a third to a fifth of your adult life dealing with PMS or your period, you gotta start thinking about these things as toys or you go nuts."

The response? A grin and a "Fair enough."
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