November 29th, 2004

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A bit off topic...

So, is the bearing down that we do to get the cup out the same muscle action used when having a baby? If so, does having a baby make you have to poo? That could get really messy if you're too busy actually having the baby to get to the bathroom. With the cup it's no big deal because I'm already sitting on the toilet.

DivaCup: Alcohol and Bleach

Looking through the entries on cleaning the DivaCup, I see lots of options, but one I don't see is isopropyl rubbing alcohol. According the the DivaCup Usage Guide, "occasionally it may be cleaned with Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol or placed in an open pan of boiling water for 2 to 5 minutes." I'm just curious about why no one seems to use alcohol, when I know that is the primary suggested cleaning agent for other vaginally-inserted products. Have you guys found problems with using rubbing alcohol to clean the Cup? Do you think it doesn't get it as clean as other methods? Is there something bad about the alcohol itself?

As long as I'm talking about what to clean the DivaCup with, I'll throw in that the Usage Guide also says not to use "any harmful chemicals such as peroxide or bleach that may damage the materials." I just wanted to make sure everyone who uses the baby sterilising fluid knows that it's diluted bleach, or at least, definitely could be. I'm guessing people think it's okay because it's so diluted, but if anyone has been using it without realizing it was bleach, maybe they would like to know. Those who aren't sure and might be concerned should look at the ingredients.

(I'm not speaking to Keeper-users, because I have no idea what's okay to use to clean it.)
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