November 28th, 2004

mini me

another leaking question from a newbie.

just used my diva cup for the first time for my just-finished cycle. i have the smaller size because i've never been pregnant and am under 30. it leaked a bit of blood pretty much all the time. at first, i figured it was because i had a heavy period at the beginning, but then i found it still leaked a bit during the end of my cycle when my flow was very light. i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. i fold the cup as instructed, put it in, then do the turn (often have to do more than one full rotation though as it seems the cup doesn't open so easily for me - not sure why).. i put my finger up to feel if it's open before i stop turning. then i grab the stem (i cut it to 1/4") and pull upwards (towards my pelvis) on it a bit to make sure that the cup angles towards the small of my back (like someone had suggested on here when i read some back entries/comments). my friend uses the keeper and said after putting it in, she tugs on the stem gently to help it suction into place so i tried that too. i don't think i put it in too high because when i reach a finger in, i can feel the stem almost right away or maybe half a fingertip higher at most.

i pondered whether i maybe need the bigger cup, but i somehow doubt it since i'm a pretty small person, and when using pads, i use the 'slender' always ultrathin ones cuz the regular ultrathin ones always bunch up between my legs. i figure though that vagina size doesn't have a lot to do with the size of the rest of your body though..

anyway, any suggestions or tips would be great - thanks!