November 27th, 2004

green woman

Purchasing sterilizing solution

Is there any place you can do this online?

I know this stuff is widely available in the UK and probably everyplace else except the US. I've gone to a lot of stores (grocery and drug) trying to find some, but no luck.

Instead, I found tons and tons of disposable bottle liners.

Very frustrating!

Or does anybody know someplace I could look here in the US? (I haven't checked out "Babies R Us".. there might be some there)

Any leads would be REALLY appreciated :)
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the everyday turned solitary

hmm, taily leaking?

So, I'm having a problem. I've been using my diva cup for a handful of months now, and I love it. This month, I went to cut off part of the stem because its been poking me kind of unpleasantly at times. Now its way more comfortable, but its leaking! I don't know if its because I cut off the tail, or if I'm just having a stupid d.c. month, both of which are quite possible. Any ideas? I mean, its not a terrible terrible problem... I have "lunapanties" from lunapads which I wear when I have my period, anyway, as a wee bit extra protection just in case, but I'd still like it not to leak.