November 20th, 2004

(no subject)

My DivaCup is LEAKING like a bitch! This is my second month using it. Last month I was so absolutely pleased with my Diva. No leakage whatsoever! This month I trusted the Diva with cute underwear and new (white with trucks) sheets. And it let me down! It leaked and leaked and leaked! And since I retired pads, I didn't have any!! I had to use (GAH!) TOILET PAPER! And two super cute pairs of undies got ruined. :( PEROXIDE DIDN'T EVEN SAVE THEM! The only thing I did differently last month was I put it in while lying on my bed. But this month I put it in sitting on the toilet. But even when I went back to lying down, it's still leaking. My vagina could not have changed that much in a month. It's like it's not even up there. Did this happen to anyone else? Any advice? I have no idea what's up.