November 10th, 2004

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Can the Diva Cup cause a Yeast Infection?

I looked through the memories, and didn't find an answer to this question.

While using my Diva Cup this period, a YI started when I was almost done with the period. I stopped using the Cup, and switched to pads for the bit of flow left, and boiled the Diva Cup to sterilize it. I'd also boiled it at the end of last period. I've been using a Diva Cup for about 6 months now and haven't had a problem with it before.

I don't use anti-bacterial soap; I use a natural castile soap. I didn't want to deteriorate my Cup. I think, though, I'll start using an anti-bacterial soap next time.

As far as the YI is going, I'm self-medicating with some very potent herbs, as well as probiotics, and the symptoms have been vanishing since about 5 or 6 hours after starting the treatment.

I'd hate to have to go back to using tampons, but OTOH recurrent yeast infections would be worse. I rarely get them.

Thanks for any info.

Cups and urination

I'm very interested in buying a DivaCup or Keeper, but have one concern I just can't get past and despite my searching, I haven't found any info on it.

I'm generally a tampon user. However, when I pee, almost always, the tampon comes out on its own. I'm 30 and have had this problem for years. I'm concerned that I'll spend the $35-ish dollars on this great product and inadvertently dump in in the toilet several times a day.

Has anyone else had this problem that successfully switched over to a cup?