November 2nd, 2004

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D.I.V.A. acronym

I just opened my *****Brand new!!!!!**** diva cup and looked at the package and

apparently diva is actually an acronym for "Dependable Internal Vaginal Alternative". who knew? i recall seeing a post somewhere, maybe not here, about why do they call it that... and now i know! spiffy!

anywho, im due for a period, so ill be trying it out soon.

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UPDATE: put it in with no problems, i cant even feel it. not positive its right (non leaky) bc im not bleeding yet, but happy!
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I'm so proud

I'm a member of this website where you do surveys and other things to earn points which eventually become cash.

Today I got a survey sent to me, it was about "sanitary products".

The first question was -
Do you use
Panty Liners
None of these

Even though I knew I wouldn't fit the demographic and therefore only get 30 points (as opposed to about 200 if I had completed the survey) I proudly ticked "None of these."

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after having the divacup for many months and not being able to get it in more than an inch, i FINALLY was able to shove it up there.


it was still flattened out, and wouldn't pop open to form a cup but instead it was suctioned together. so it hurt to try to turn it, since i couldn't really get both fingers up there at once.
so i just pulled it out.

what can i do? how can i get it to unsuction and come open without it hurting a lot?