October 25th, 2004


DivaCup Prospie Has Infection Question and Others

Hi, I just found out about DivaCups tonight, and I'm considering buying one. Because of some (seemingly ridiculous) things I say in this post, I feel I should tell you I'm 21, I've been menstruating for 9 years, and I've been using tampons for about 7 years. I'm actually a pretty satisfied tampon-user, for the most part. They're comfortable and easy, and I've only had leakage literally a couple of times ever, and on heavy days, at that, when I hadn't been able to change it when I knew I needed to. I kind of like carrying them around, and I really don't count it as a great big horrible thing if I realize I don't have any and have to go out and buy some. I don't notice uncomfortable drying, and my periods are light enough that I don't have to change my tampon ridiculously often.

I do have some minor complaints, and reading all the info on the DivaCup site and this community has given me more reason to consider switching. I've always hated pulling tampons out when they weren't saturated. The dry cotton rubbing against my sugar walls just feels wrong, almost as wrong as referring to the lining of my vagina as "sugar walls." It always makes me worry that some cotton fibers are being left behind, and I have read about that causing all sorts of problems and having the carcinogen in it. My other major annoyance is with the vile string. Maybe it's just me (a possibility which makes this a terrifying admission), but I can't avoid getting urine and...waste on it, and then of course, it just absorbs it, and I can't get it off. Then I try to get it off anyway, and it just gets toilet paper crumbs on me that I can't get off because the skin down there is so strangely clingy, and yet sensitive, so I can't ruthlessly scrape it off. And I can't get in the shower every time I go to the bathroom and before I have to remove the tampon. So I'm forced to put human waste in the trash can, wrapped up of course, in toilet paper, which really does feel terribly wasteful. Is it even legal? I guess diapers go in the trash.... Anyway. And maybe most people flush them, but I come from a home with finicky plumbing, and something in me just won't let me flush that huge, heavily compacted ball of cotton.

My new, dubious complaint comes from reading about how tampons absorb so much of the natural, cleansing moisture that I need in there. For a few years now, about a week after my period--not every month, just on and off--I think I get an infection. It lasts for about a week, and then it's back to normal. But sometimes it lasts longer, and while it's not uncomfortable at all, it's pretty unpleasant (a smell, and a weird, goopy discharge). So here's my big question, the biggest reason I'm writing: Did anyone have a recurring infection while using tampons that cleared up when you started using a menstrual cup (especially the DivaCup)?

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I'm so sorry this is so long!

EDIT 10/26 @ 11 PM
THANKS to all for your wonderful advice. You vanquished all my doubts, and I bought my DivaCup this evening. Too bad I'll have to wait a month to use it. Sorry for not replying to everyone's comments individually; I didn't want to clutter up the comments page too much.