October 23rd, 2004

Beech leaves

Mooncups and very heavy periods

I've just had a massage, and mentioned my Mooncup to my aromatherapist (mainly because I suddenly dashed off in the middle to check I wasn't leaking, that lower back massage was pretty intense). She's interested, she's heard of them before, but two things are holding her back. One is just getting used to the idea; well, I raved on about the thing, but that's one she'll have to sort out herself. The other is that she has incredibly heavy periods, apparently they're so heavy she can't use tampons. Does anyone with a cup, preferably a larger-sized Mooncup as that's what she'd be getting, have incredibly periods, and how well did the cup work with them? How often do you have to change it, as opposed to other methods? How much does a cup hold compared to other methods, anyway?