October 22nd, 2004

Beech leaves

Calling anyone who can draw

I'm having discussions in another forum where a lot of newbies are struggling with cups, particularly insertion and removal, and worried by the horror stories they hear about suction etc. This exchange just happened:

Originally Posted by Elettaria
What the manufacturers really need to do is create detailed instructions that show pictures for this stage of the procedure. Maybe they're too squeamish, or maybe they think that everyone figures it out before too long anyway, but I reckon it would be worth doing. If you can cope with a picture of the vulva and a cross-section of the pelvic region showing where the thing sits in your vagina, you can cope with a cross-section of the vagina showing how you hold the cup during insertion and removal.

Hear hear. That's actually something I've been hoping to find someplace ... I think mum.com has some illustrations of where the cups sit inside you, but nothing on insertion itself ... ah well, a hopeless hope, I suppose. I'll just have to figure it out on my own when I finally buy the dang thing!


Does anyone here want to try doing some diagrams?

ETA: I don't need instructions on insertion or removal, I've had a Mooncup since the spring, I'm looking for diagrams for other people. Has no one noticed that I've been on this forum for months?!