October 20th, 2004

Lunapads vs. GladRags

I'm sorry if this is slightly OT, but I was wondering if anyone had any preference for one of these products over the other and this seemed like the place to find the experts. I love my Keeper and wear it all through my period, so I'm basically just looking for something to replace pantiliners (during the day) and as backup (during the night). I don't need something really high-absorbency, therefore. The two products have different configurations (Lunapads have the "liner" held on top, whereas with the GladRags it's held between the pad and your panties, I think) and I believe only Lunapads has a waterproof layer, but I'm not sure that even matters! Thanks for any advice.


Help, help, help. After scouring the streets of Montreal, I gave up and ordered my Keeper online. I know, I know, I probably could have found one if I was willing to take a bus or some such nonsense...but I didn't want to get lost, and I don't know how to say "Keeper" in French (la Gardienne? or maybe le keeper?) I bought it off of this website on September 12th, and I haven't received anything yet. I called the 800 number, but it can't be accessed from Canada! AAARGH!!

Long story short, has anyone successfully ordered something from this site?
Or have I been ripped off? I hope not...I don't feel like explaining what a menstrual cup is to the Visa people...