October 16th, 2004

Red dress
  • gemfyre

This may seem gross but hear me out.

I reckon it would be great if DivaCup and Mooncup (I'm not sure if it would work for Keeper considering the material) were able to sell second hand cups at a cheaper price.

They don't because people think "EW! That's been up someone's twat, that's disgusting/unsanitary etc." But not all people think that.

Those cups are made of medical grade silicone. All you need to do is bung 'em in an autoclave and they'll be perfectly sterile again and suitable for resale.

For those who have no qualms about such things it would allow them to get a cup at a cheaper price and it wouldn't waste a bunch of cups (surely they can't use ALL of them for display purposes).

Just a thought.