October 13th, 2004


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hi! i'm new! i just got a divacup and am trying it out for the first time. it is my first menstrual cup experience. today is day 2, and i'm having mixed results. how can you tell when the cup is open & has a seal and is just bent because of the shape & muscles of the vagina, vs. bent because there isn't a seal?

if i put the cup in so it sits pretty low, i get no leakage, but it's uncomfortable and really irritating. i think this maybe has something to do with me being able to properly spin it to get it to unfurl & create a seal when it's down low. if i push it up really high, it's completely comfortable but it leaks, probably because when i put it in that far i can't get a good enough grip on it to spin it, so it's not properly unfurled. or is it because it doesn't work when i put it in too far? i've tried getting it to unfurl down low, and then pushing it up, but it either 1) works its way back down to discomfort zone or 2) breaks the seal and i get leakage. any suggestions?

thanks! :)

p.s. sorry if this was posted twice-- the first time i posted it protected, and now it's saying i'm not authorized to see it! moderator: feel free to delete the first if it's showing up. i'd do it, but i can't get to it.