October 7th, 2004


Hi there!

Hey, new here figured I'd do the obligatory intro.
(some parts of this x posted to diy_pads which I have also recently joined)

I started investigating alternative menstrual products a couple of days ago after reading the probably now infamous Bloody Hell post by naamah_darling. I have always detested pads and as a teenager with a viciously heavy period I learned not to trust them pretty quickly. Nowadays after going on the pill my periods are a lot easier to handle and I've switched almost exclusively to tampons, but I find them very drying. Finally I have been trying to be more environmentally conscious but never really considered that that could apply to menstrual products beyond using applicator-less tampons and am thrilled to see how many alternatives there are.

I am however very glad at how non squeamish I am about myself, I find it such a shame how uncomfortable women are with a part of themselves that is no less their body then their hands or mouth and body fluids no less theirs then tears or saliva.

I poked around the memories and haven't seen anything covering this question so here goes...

Based on differing anatomy some people are just more comfortable using certain products. I am apparently unusual in that I find any tampon I've tried other then OB terribly uncomfortable. Nothing else seems to get in the proper spot beyond my pelvic floor muscles so they leak and push out and drive me batty. I get the impression I'm a bit on the small/tight side, though not severely. I'm leaning towards getting the Diva Cup based on the material and design but I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and noticed whether this seemed to have any impact on which cup they were most comfortable with.

EDIT: Hunh! Maybe I'm not that unusual in my OB preference!
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Did any of you get the hang of inserting your Keeper right away and have everything go smoothly for several months and then all of a sudden one month you just can't seem to get it in correctly at all? I'm having that problem this month and I don't know what the deal is. Did I just have beginner's luck?