October 5th, 2004


Mooncup reactions (in a good sense, not in a bad body-reacting-poorly sense)

Well, I dove in and bought a menstrual cup a few months ago, after trying for the millionth time to get my brain to convince my money-clenching fist that this would be better economically in the long-run.

Surely someone/thing is watching over me because it arrived exactly one day before I was supposed to get my period.

Wasting no time, I threw the thing a pot of boiling water, dried it out, and took it for a test-run.

I love my Mooncup. That's all there is to it.

Well, not quite all, I've actually learned quite a few things about myself in the three months since that first day.

So for the sake of the fact that I want to shout how much I love this thing from the rooftop, but don't want to wake up my neighbors, plus I have no access to our roof, I'd like to post here my reactions, even though I know many have done this before me.

Continue at your own risk, you have been warned that this is a post, like many previous ones, extolling the virtues and vices of a menstrual cup. Collapse )