October 1st, 2004

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Long nails?

Anyone else have long nails? How do you manage with the cup? At the moment my nails are lovely and long and I really don't want to cut them, but I end up pinching myself when I take out or put in the cup. Last night because it was late, and the pinching was hurting I didn't properly check it had opened and had a leak during the night.

Any suggestions for long nailed people?
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Yay! I'm having my first cycle with the DivaCup with no problems!! I used it for about two cycles with lots of pain and angst and then wussed out and went back to tampons for a cycle, and then successfully lost my cup, so used tampons for another... and it worked as a successful trick on my vagina and now its super excited about the cup and my new soft pads from lunapads. I've been able to do the things that were a problem before mostly fine.. removal no longer hurts excruciatingly like its tearing me apart, and I've had successful bowel movements without having to take the cup out and reinsert because it moved around in nasty ways (its still not totally comfortable, though... any advice?). Yay, I'm so excited!
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