September 28th, 2004

king slug

new diva cup suction

I've been using Instead since they were invented and absolutely LOVE them.
I re-use them only when necessary but have always wished they were reusable.
I found this community a year or so ago, and ordered my Diva Cup last month.

Here's the thing:
I can feel it sucking on my insides.
Not just during removal, but all the time, especially when I sit down,
and it's really uncomfortable.

Insertion wasn't too bad, with a few tries,
and removal took a good while, but I think I can get the hang of it.

After half an hour I had to take it out and actually use pads,
which I detest, and haven't touched in years.
I went and got some more instead,
but I'm not yet willing to give up on my DIVA!

Any suggestions?
Has any one else made a similar transition?

ps. I've read through the memories
to make sure I didn't miss anything. . .