September 26th, 2004

Blinking Owl
  • snowowl


I'm a sick, demented person.

My mom came up to my apartment for the weekend. She didn't know I've been using the Divacup, so I decided to pull a prank.

Saturday morning I got up and went to the bathroom. I took my Divacup out and poured it into the sink, sloshed the blood around a bit so it looked aptly horrific, and wrapped the cup in tissue and hid it in the cupboard. I wrapped my finger in bloodied tissue, then moaned and called my mom into the bathroom.

You should have seen her face. She thought I'd cut an artery or something and really freaked out.

I know, I'm evil...
  • unkai

I am a diva!

I started using my Diva cup yesterday afternoon. No leaking so far, or even spillage when I remove it.

I haven't had any problems breaking the suction-seal to remove it--the only pain is if I accidentally pinch myself when I try to grab the bottom of the cup.

I have never felt so pleased about having my period. I can go about my day and not have to worry about ruining my underwear or irritation from pads.

Incidentally, I'm weirdly fascinated by the measuring lines and how much menstrual blood there actually is.

Hurrah for diva cups!
  • sass411

Avoiding leaking on really heavy days

I used my DC for the first time this AF. For the most part all went well. I didn't have problems with insertion or removing, and I couldn't feel it at all.
My biggest issue is my heavy days. I had 2 days of 2+oz of fluids being emptied each day. I ended up having to empty the DC about every 3 hours. However, I was having small leaks in between those 3 hours. I did the 360 rotation and the cup felt open when I checked. I did try to clean myself really well to make sure that it wasn't blood left from when I emptied the cup. Is it possible to have such a heavy period that you can't get a good suction, or am I just not getting it in completely right?