September 22nd, 2004

blue storm

dryness after cup-using

hey everyone,

got my period on sunday; used my keeper twice on monday (inserted and emptied; repeated once more), and once yesterday and today only for a few hours while i was out of the house because my flow is lighter. (the rest of the time i'm just using liners.) after taking it out yesterday and today, i was feeling that my vagina was feeling a little dry and chafed. does this happen to any of you? what do you use to "moisturize" your vagina? i think i saw an entry on this before, but i don't remember where it is. i don't really wanna look for it. :D i've checked the memories (which are great, btw :). after taking it out when i get home, i don't put it in again until the next day when i have to go out, so any moisturizers can "sit" overnight. (i don't bleed overnight. my uterus goes to sleep when i do. ha. :D )