September 12th, 2004


I have been appointed Raffle Girl from my school's chapter of the Women's Political Alliance because I thought it would be really great if we could increase awareness of alternative menstrual products on campus. I am a happy keeper user, and I know many other women who would like it... if they only knew about it. I want to raffle off reusable cups (Diva, Mooncup, or Keeper), sponges, and reusable cloth pads (lunapads or gladrags). Brands make no difference to me, but budget and literature do. Which companies are most likely to provide me with litterature that I can give out on campus, and maybe even (gasp) FREE SAMPLES!? I know that last bit is a little too much to ask, but a girl can dream, can't she?

I'm currently leaning DivaCup on the menstrual cups because they're silicone, cheaper, and have a longer warrantee (if I need to return an un-won product--I hope that doesn't happen).

So, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice, or has ever been down this road before. Thanks a ton!

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